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Direct Energy - EcoValue 1000i Water Wash System and 2x Frame 7EA Gas TurbinesDirect Energy, a leader as a energy retailer in North America, wanted an online and offline compressor water wash system for their Paris, TX Generating Station. Their two MS7001EA combined cycle gas turbines needed improvement in availability, power and heat rate. The water wash system needed to remove contaminants from the compressor without depositing them in later stages. In addition, the system had to bring the compressor back to its potential without requiring unscheduled downtime. Prior to the purchase of the GTE water wash system, these units only used an offline water wash system.


GTE used its proven and scalable technology to engineer the unit required by Direct Energy - the GTE 1000i model. This new compressor wash system was based on GTE’s patented water wash system for other large frame gas turbines (MS7000F and W501F). GTE’s 1000i compressor water wash system is designed for online and offline applications. It is OEM approved, operates using demineralized water and uses environmentally friendly additives.


The GTE compressor water wash system was successfully commissioned on both gas turbines. The unit extended the time between offline washes through peak season, resulting in a reduction of performance loss. The return on investment to the customer was almost 400% and with a payback period of 3.2 months. The environmental benefit included a reduction in NOx and CO. In addition, 2 MW of additional power was recovered.



Direct-Energy-Paris-Texas-Gas-Turbine-Efficiency With ever increasing requirements to operate and maintain existing gas turbine assets at their highest efficiencies, the staff of Direct Energy’s Paris Generating Facility began identifying options to improve overall plant efficiencies. Internal and external contaminants cause blades and vanes to foul which can lead to surging, blade corrosion, erosion, and significant efficiency loss. Prior to the purchase of the GTE system, these units only had an offline water wash system.


Paris needed a wash system that would not require unscheduled downtime to bring the compressor back to its potential and at the same time, remove contaminants through the compressor without depositing them in later stages. Their combined cycle configuration needed to improve availability, power, and heat rate.



It was through a reference from WFEC-Anadarko that the Paris Generating Station learned about the GTE Water Wash systems. WFEC-Anadarko has been operating a GTE Water Wash system on its 3x7EAs for over 2 years. An initial meeting between GTE and Direct Energy facilitated discussions for further detail and design specific parameters offered by GTE EcoValue Water Wash System. GTE further explained why its system outperforms typical OEM systems and how the plant gains in availability and fuel efficiency by using both online and offline wash systems.



GTE has over 793 units and 18 million operating hours of water wash experience in all areas of Power Generation and O&G Operations. GTE had recently designed and patented a large frame (7F & 501F) water wash unit designated GTE1400i and used its’ scalable technology model to engineer a smaller unit required by Direct Energy- the 1000i. It is designed for online & offline applications and operates utiliz ing demineralized water & OEM approved and environmentally friendly additives. GTE Water Wash system delivery volume is based on the GT Compressor mass flow rate, and delivered along patented criteria.



The 1000i water wash units were successfully commissioned on both 7EA engines at the Direct Energy Paris plant. The new system will allow the plant to extend the time between off line washes through the peak season with much less performance loss. The GTE water wash system is expected to have a payback period of less than 1 year.



Robert Burke, Gas Turbine Efficiency


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